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LeapCard 88

Welcome to the LeapCards.
Thank you for starting here.

This card is for introductions and ongoing updates about the development; see "under construction below". 

For a personal introduction, click on the intro video above to learn more about the LeapCards, their background, and use.

If you need inspiration with a particular leadership challenge, please jump to the cards and select what you need. Both the LeapCards logo and the word Cards in the top menu will take you directly to the free library.

Present state of Construction...

We are currently in the process of re-recording all card discussions, adding more than 6 hours of additional video. This expansion will not come as long movies but through more than 200 high-impact details roughly 2-3 minutes each.

It is the intention of the new style of videoes to make them feel more personal and a whole lot more like having an engaged facilitator with a surprising flipchart right in front of you - on your laptop and smartphone! As it is shown on the opening frame of all new videos: 

Most LeapCard videos are recorded as unedited, single-takes to make it feel like they are delivered in a personal class setting. Forgive and enjoy the stumbles – and do make a note if there is a need for additional clarity.

In case you wonder: Yes, the intro video above will be re-recorded. The one shown here is actually from a test-shot in the early stages of re-recording; far from perfect but the best available introduction right now.

LeapCards for Screen Sharing

With every LeapCard there is a free overview video and a hi-res version of the card itself, ready for you to share with your team. To reveal all details and be truly responsive, the card shows up as big as possible - just like this:

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