LC32: Learning Goals

Learning Goals is aimed at helping individuals identify their learning and development goals.

It prompts you to draw a flip chart and create a map based on what you need to do more or less of and what you find easy or hard.

The card features a two-axis graph with four quadrants labeled "More" on the right, "Less" on the left, "Easy" at the top, and "Difficult" at the bottom.

There is a space at the top of the chart to add your name. The idea is to plot your goals on the chart to visualize where they fall in terms of these dimensions, assisting you in prioritizing and strategizing your development efforts.

LeapCard 32 Content:

    1. LC32: Learning Goals

    2. Overview and List of Details

    3. Catalytic Questions

    4. Sample Learning Goal Diagram

    5. Live With Team Exercise

    6. LeapCard Recap