LeapCard LC01 - Leadership Essentials
LeapCard LC05 - Read and Use Body Language
LeapCard LC09 - Ask, Listen and Be Precise
LeapCard LC10 - Giving and Receiving FeedbackLeapCard LC01 - Leadership Essentials
LeapCard LC15 - Project Lines and Triple Constraint

As your leadership answers, the LeapCards are:

  • Bite-sized

    LeapCards are bite-sized to make the proven toolbox easy to digest on a busy schedule.

  • Social

    LeapCards are social to allow you to pick and pressure-test ideas, live with your team

  • Measurable

    LeapCards are measurable to document your efforts and leadership progress!

Leadership Discovery Kit,

best way of getting started with the proven tools from fifteen years of international leadership programs

Read, watch, ask, and share your way through a comprehensive and validated collection of leadership topics (listed in order of appearance):

Drivers • Values • Prioritization • Purpose • Storytelling • Motivation • Listening • Delegation • Conflict • Constraints • Feedback • Body language • Reactions • Trust • Meetings • Remote • Teamwork • Culture • Stakeholders • Change • Differentiation • Scenarios • Decisions • Balance

The Leadership Dialogue Kit is the new, hybrid way of successful individual development journeys

LeapCards Explained

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  • Why consider LeapCards?

    LeapCards are effective and proven answers to the challenges you face as an international leader today.

    From work/home life balance to difficult delegations, conflict prevention, and leading remote teams across cultural differences.

    The complete collection offers more than seven hours of brief 2-3 minute high-impact video clips, each adding to your leadership foundation.

  • What's in a LeapCard?

    Each card's overview contains a hires LeapCard with the free summary video, fully sufficient to recap the concepts for any returning alumni.

    The full LeapCard offers catalytic questions, guiding you to relevant video details. And Live With Team exercises, see below.

  • How do you use LeapCards?

    For a quick overview, consider the Getting Started page that introduces the two ways to use and two views of all LeapCards.

    The fastest way to direct answers is the LeapCard Guide that takes you straight the the card that matters most to you right now.

    For inspiration and reference, you leap freely to any card in the Complete Collection of 50+ LeapCards.

    For learning and development, you focus on essential topics in carefully Curated Bundles that are similar courses.

    As current participants or returning alumni you leverage the free LeapCards summaries as instant refreshers.

  • What is the learning format?

    LeapCards are NOT e-Learning.

    The learning experience is designed to be as close to class as possible with concepts and cases being shared on oversized and augmented LeapCards.

    Quiz questions will guide you to recommended video details, asking you to spend time only where it is relevant.

  • What of social exercises?

    With LeapCards you are encouraged to discuss the content and your day-to-day application with a fellow learning buddy. There is even a paper-based retro journal for that.

    You also need to involve your team and ask them for live feedback as you experiment with new ways of being their best leader.

  • What is Live With Team?

    To allow you to experiment and document your leadership development, you are asked to go "live with team".

    This unique LWT feature displays a QR-code that lets your team submit their candid comments using their smartphones in just two minutes or less.

    See a video of the LWT process on the About-page.

  • Where do the LeapCards come from?

    LeapCards come from the documented and proven toolbox of more than twenty years of continuously tested and updated leadership facilitation.

    As such, the LeapCards come from you and your fellow leaders around the world.

    Much more on the Getting Started page and inside LeapCard 88, which is the official "Start Here" card.

  • Is it really free?


    Everyone may access the complete collection and open any LapCard to see the card itself and the summary video.

    This is free and will stay free to serve the firm mission of making the world a better place, one leader at a time.

    And no.

    The added video details, quizzes, and exercises come with a magazine/book-like price for card details and curated bundles.

    When you purchase access to the complete collection, the price includes an individual development program with personal meetings and feedback.

    More on Pricing in the top menu.

    As a thank-you for being curious, please register for a free bundle by using the voucher code "study42" as complete payment.

Curated Bundles

If you wish for a more course-sized approach, consider the carefully selected bundles.

Each bundle offers a specific focus within the three leadership career levels of leading Self, leading Others, or leading Business.

In answer to Covid19 and lead-from-home demands, best practices from global programs are summarized in Leading Remote.

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Each LeapCard detail video explains key concepts with layers of extra information. Most videos are shot as single-takes to make the viewing feel like a personal in-class summary.

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If you - like many others - are tired of everything happening on your screen, consider the Leap! which is our printed Learning Journal that takes you through all major LeapCards.

There is ample space for your notes and QR-codes next to all cards that take you right back here for additional depth in each LeapCard's detail videos.

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