LC39: Great Work From Home

A few tips for what will favor both family and colleagues.

For the work:

  • Simplify and be as clear as possible.
  • Build a distraction-free workspace (from your own distractions, too).
  • Focus on the output: Self-evaluate on a scorecard.
  • Get an extra screen, as a minimum.

  • For the home:

  • Define and defend your working hours.
  • Transition between work and home.
  • Stay active with the family.
  • Be persistent and creative, socially.
  • LeapCard 39 Content:

      1. LC39: Great Work From Home

      2. Overview and List of Details

      3. Catalytic Questions

      4. 4 The Work

      5. 4 The Home

      6. Sharing Best Practices - from Home to Home

      7. LeapCard Recap