LC95: Remote Opportunities

Where is your organization on working remotely?

Level 1: 1870-1970

With the invention of the phone, people began working together without visible contact.

Level 2: 1960-2030

Remote work gradually became a mass opportunity and people connected through screens. We began to use virtual meeting rooms and collaboration software, but many organizations need to enhance how to work remotely.

Level 3: 2020

Emerging possibilities.

AR and VR:

Allow us to gain work experience in digital objects and virtual spaces with only the use of a smartphone. Organizations must be ready to incorporate these technologies into their training and everyday work to a much larger extent.

Mobile telepresence:

Team members can participate more socially, by moving around alongside their colleagues - connecting 'via an iPad on a segway.'

Such a device offers moving representation that is focused on the personal connection. You can take your guest or a team member for a walk or welcome them to a new facility.

This technology is already being used in large organizations.

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