LC97: Remote's Where & How

When meetings are held remotely, everything changes

Online meetings bring a change to many other factors besides location.

To create the best conditions for teamwork across distances, you will need to focus on:

  • Where is the meeting held and who is attending? - as with a physical meeting.
  • But more importantly, how do we conduct the meetings remotely?

Meeting remotely requires a very different process than meeting physically because participants often lack the well-known options and social connections of conventional meetings.

So, you must change how you plan and conduct meetings when they take place online.

LeapCard 97 Content:

    1. LC97: Remote's Where and How

    2. Overview and List of Details

    3. Catalytic Questions

    4. Where the Room

    5. How the Process

    6. Live With Team Exercise

    7. LeapCard Recap