LC18: Stakeholder Relations

LeapCard 18 is a useful tool for managing stakeholders based on their levels of power and interest.

It classifies stakeholders into four groups:

  1. Keep Satisfied
  2. Manage Closely
  3. Monitor
  4. Keep Informed

The card advises engaging stakeholders by asking open-ended questions and understanding their networks.

It also emphasizes a four-step engagement process, which includes identifying, consulting, deciding, and selling. Lastly, it says it's essential to maintain ongoing communication with stakeholders.

LeapCard 18 Content:

    1. LC18: Stakeholder Relations

    2. Overview and List of Details

    3. Catalytic Questions

    4. Working the power influence matrix

    5. Working the network

    6. Stakeholder Visualizing, Mapping, and Planning

    7. LeapCard Recap