LC76: Decision Framework

LeapCard 76 provides a concise cycle for decision-making.

It involves six stages, namely: Question, Research, Options, Criteria, Decision, and Implementation.

The card emphasizes making criteria-driven decisions and timely choices by asking reflective questions such as "When is the last responsible moment?" to ensure thorough consideration. It encourages focusing on outcomes and includes reflective prompts that promote critical thinking.

The card also highlights the contrast between decisions based on understanding, significance, complexity, personal relevance, and timing.

References to other LeapCards (#19 and #75) provide additional insights into biases and decision-making frameworks. Overall, LeapCard 76 guides leaders with a methodical approach, promoting thorough consideration and clear criteria for effective decisions.

LeapCard 76 Content:

    1. LC76: Decision Framework

    2. Overview and List of Details

    3. Catalytic Questions

    4. Decision factors for harder and easier

    5. Last Responsible moment

    6. Circular decision process

    7. Examine your Team's Decision Concerns

    8. LeapCard Recap