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Embrace and lead effective teams that are increasingly diverse and internationally dispersed. As an inclusive role model, you identify and leverage the differences that make cross-cultural collaboration both challenging and rewarding. Understanding culture, building trust, and acting with integrity is key. 

Bundle 06 depends heavily on strong leadership behavior from the other bundles and includes the following LeapCards: 60, 14, 62, 67, and 93, helping you to consider the following questions:

  • Do you respect and stop at the yellow lights in traffic?
  • How do you lead and leverage cross-cultural collaboration?
  • How do you build trust and act with integrity?
  • What comes first, business or culture?
  • What are the steps towards a strong safety culture? 

Stats and Numbers

  • Duration

    Estimated 1½-2 hours including quizzes, buddy-time, and exercises when you are Live With Team.

  • Keywords

    Embrace, diverse, dispersed, role-model, differences, trust, integrity

  • Videos

    Total of 16 video clips w. combined playing time of 38 minutes.

  • Card Topics

    Yellow Light & Blue Behavior
    Cultural Collaboration
    Triangle of Trust
    Culturally, Chicken or Egg?
    Safety Ladder

  • Career Level

    Bundle 03 is curated for career level Leading Others

  • Experience

    Recommended for leaders with an equivalent of three years of leadership experience