LC71: Carver's Complexity

LeapCard 71 delves into the concept of complexity within organizations. It classifies complexity into three types:

  1. Structural Complexity: This is managed by a Manager and focuses on processes and systems.
  2. Emergent Complexity: This is dealt with by an Entrepreneur and involves adapting to change and seizing opportunities.
  3. Socio-political Complexity: This is led by a Leader and involves handling relationships and power dynamics.

The card advises understanding the nature of change and suggests that other factors become crucial once a certain level of complexity is reached.

It stresses the importance of storytelling in leadership and highlights the need for preparation for effective management. References to LeapCards #123 and #124 indicate the availability of additional insights.

LeapCard 71 Content:

    1. LC71: Carver's Complexity

    2. Overview and List of Details

    3. Catalytic Questions

    4. Emergent, Structural, and Socio-political Complexities

    5. LeapCard Recap