The Coronavirus have added an unprecedented demand for LeapCards in large-scale B2B projects across various platforms including CrossKnowledge and Klaxoon. In consequence the B2C launch have been postponed roughly six months until August 31st, in...

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Career Stage I. Leading Self

Leading self is about finding your passion, your foundation - and then finding a voice and the stories to express your convictions.

Career Stage III. Leading Business

Leading business is about predictable project delivery and dealing with change while identifying and refining strategic opportunities.

B2B Client Projects

If you see your project listed here, you may contact your Learning Academy to receive additional login information and get access to your localized LeapCards bundles.

Example of larger program leveraging the LeapCards as a learning resource, please visit ReLead

  • Alstom - ALP and ACK

  • BlueBehavior Foundation - Jakarta and Tanzania

  • Hager - EVP and LeAP

  • Takeaway - WfH

  • Van Oord - PMC . and WMC

  • Vattenfall - VKF

  • Ørsted - HSE4PckMgr and T2W