Thank you for choosing LeapCards for your Leadership development.

LeapCards is like a Swiss Army Knife of training. There are lots of tools inside. And it may be a little confusing to unfold the whole thing.

To keep it simple, think of two ways and two views:

Two ways to use the LeapCards:
  • Quick reference to solve a specific problem.
  • In-depth study and overall leadership development.

Two views of each LeapCard:
  • Free overview that you may share with anybody at no cost.
  • Paid details for you as a registered LeapCard user.

And there is a printed Learning Journal!
More on each way and view below.

If you have questions, please ask! From the Help section below, you can send me a video question and I’ll answer as quickly as I can.

Ulrik Ramsing
LeapCards Founder
September 2021

Inspiration Use

Leaping directly to a recommended card

A single LeapCard may give you exactly the inspiration and insight you need, here and now - often in 10 minutes or less.

You may use the interactive Guide to click your way through three quick questions and the answer will be the most relevant LeapCard for you right now.

You may also use the complete Collection and select any card that looks interesting, perhaps a card you remember from a live program or one that has been individually recommended by a LeapCard partner.

In the complete collection, you may filter the LeapCards using the textbox, try keywords like ‘remote', ‘culture' or ‘delegation'.

Study Use

Curated cards in career-level bundles

For essential leadership topics, five to seven LeapCards make up a bundle, which works much like a course made just for you.

Each bundle is carefully curated and ordered not only to the topic, but also according to the matching career focus of leading self, leading others, or leading business.

Free Overview

Web page with summary video

Each LeapCard has a free landing page with an overview video and a full hi-res image of the card.

Regardless of how you arrived at a card, feel free to share the permanent link with your team at no cost.

If you are alumni from past programs, please use the video link below to reconnect and let me know if there is anything I can do to support your leadership.

Paid Details

Access to additional content

When you have a paid registration for the card you are looking at, you may open the dedicated LeapCard Player.

After the card and overview video, you will find a catalytic quiz with 4-5 questions. Each card's quiz is designed to start your thinking. Where appropriate, the question's feedback will include a link to the most relevant video detail for more information.

The body of the card contains richly annotated video details - perhaps with comments left there by other LeapCards users.

The two last steps cover the unique 'Live with Team' exercise where you get to experiment with your new tools and recieve on-the-spot feedback from your team!

Quiz results and Live-with-Team feedback is not reported anywhere. The feedback and progress stats are available only for you to document your efforts and development.

Prefer Pen and Paper?

Enjoy the off-screen reading!

The LeapCards Learning Journal is the "analog menu" that offers a fine balance of off-screen-paper-based reading, and live online reference details.

The LeapCards Learning Journal is designed with teal-colored sections leaving blank lines for your notes and conclusions. Use this space to summarize and plan your development - preferably with a Learning Buddy.

The journal is spiral-bound, a5 sized, and offers 272 pages that cover the most important cards for each of the three career levels - leading self, leading others, and leading business. Next to all cards, you will find live QR-codes that link to the corresponding pages online.

You can read the book, add your notes - and jump online for any detail, quiz, or exercise you need.

Getting Help

Quick Tips

Get more out of your cards

  • Give Feedback

    The LeapCards have been selected and published primarily based on requests from participants around the world.

    Please do not hesitate to submit your Feedback using the quick TypeForm.

  • Designed as App

    The entire LeapCards platform is designed to run as an exclusive app, directly on your desktop or smartphone home screen.

    Click for more information on how to save the App-links to your desktop in Google Chrome and Apple iOS.

  • Share the LeapCards

    Each LeapCards' landing page is deliberately designed to make it easy to share ideas - without anyone having to register.

    So go ahead, copy any page link and share your leadership development journey.

LeapCards Discovery Kit

Your Leadership
Your Development
Your 8 Week Certification

As a minimum, you'll become familiar with these essential concepts
Drivers - Values - Prioritization - Purpose - Storytelling - Motivation - Listening - Delegation - Conflict - Constraints - Feedback - Body - language - Reactions - Trust - Meetings - Remote - Teamwork - Culture - Stakeholders - Change - Differentiation - Scenarios - Decisions - Balance