Personal Promise

I am Ulrik Ramsing, the founder of LeapCards. I firmly believe in making the world a better place, one leader at a time.

The LeapCards are available today because I promised three global clients a digital version of our proven programs by 2020.

These programs were designed, developed, and delivered by the same professionals, who are still partnering around the shared vision and the potential of LeapCards.

If you have just arrived here, I recommend having a quick look at the Leadership Discovery Kit or try the Guide above.
Ulrik Ramsing close-up in sunset

LeapCards Professionals

Working together for optimal impact

With co-creating clients, we have delivered robust and creative leadership development for thousands of participants in nearly all regions of the world.

Belinda Lange
Executive Coaching
Denmark / GB, DK
Catherine Dumont de Chassart
Coaching & Culture
Holland / GB, NL, F
David Lunken
Business Development
US / GB, S
Katrien Braeckmans
Networking & Flow/Mindfulness
Belgium / GB, NL, F
Luc Limère
Sociocracy & Organizational Design
Belgium / GB, NL, F
Trish Thurley
Project Management & Simulations
Ulrik Ramsing
Decisions & Strategy
Denmark / GB, DK
Valerie Itkin
Retail & Sales
Switzerland / GB, F, G

Each partner's own area of expertise is in the process of becoming new LeapCards, which will be added to the collection in the spring of 2022. Additional partners are pending to be certified in Brazil, Greece, India, and the US.

LeapCards Discovery Kit

Your Leadership
Your Development
Your 8 Week Certification

As a minimum, you'll become familiar with these essential concepts
Drivers - Values - Prioritization - Purpose - Storytelling - Motivation - Listening - Delegation - Conflict - Constraints - Feedback - Body - language - Reactions - Trust - Meetings - Remote - Teamwork - Culture - Stakeholders - Change - Differentiation - Scenarios - Decisions - Balance

Learning Buddy and
Learning Journal

To mimic peer pressure and best practices from real-life programs, we recommend you share the LeapCards with a learning buddy.

To help your collaboration, learning buddies may leverage the 272 page LeapCards Learning Journal for personal notes and the fine feel of pen on paper. All covered cards include live QR-codes that link to corresponding online pages and additional details.

This aspect of "holding each other's feet to the learning fire" is so important that two learners joining together as learning buddies get a complete set of printed LeapCards for free.

As you go through the content together, you will share experiences, and hold each other accountable for the required and uniquely measurable real-world exercises called Live With Team.
Learning journal for Learning Buddies

Alumni Experiences

A few words from those who have used LeapCards in the past

Bas Haaring

Engineering Manager at Jacobs

Very intensive and personal training adjusted to the needs of the participants. Great set of tools are learned in a short period, that can be used immediately in my day to day work. Great Trainer.

Robert Bohynik

Chief Investment Officer, NN Investment Partners TFI Poland

The program enabled me to recognize orchestrated music instead of sounds of noise. We did not try to dive into theoretical concepts and “grand studies”, rather focused on our own small and big challenges and problems.

Terri-Ann dela Cruz

Software Test Engineer at Ultimaker

This has been a real eye-opener for me. I feel like all this time I was blinded with ignorance and unawareness. Halfway throughout the training, I felt being empowered with the tools that I can use to bring myself and others towards the goal. There will always be problems with work and leadership, and they will not be easy, but there are always ways to get over them.

Sha Li

Associate MA & Advice at ING

I learned a lot of technics about leadership which I can easily apply in to practice. I love it this way! A good combination of theory and integration with us! Thanks a lot and much appreciated.

Dániel Bárány

Head of Steering Benelux at Hoist Finance

The way of presenting the training is way above my expectations. Ulrik Ramsing is very professional and perfectly using various technical tools to make it more efficient. I enjoyed every moment.

Fridrik Reynisson

Director of Product Development at Five Degrees

The format of the training is excellent. Lots of hands-on exercises and meaningful discussions. Really liked the way that “slides” were created during the session.

Scott Fox

Head of MidOffice at IMC Trading

I found the course very informative. The topics were relevant to me and the settings and structure were both excellent. Ulrik Ramsing was also very engaging and made the experience fun and interactive. I would highly recommend the course to others.

More about the printed cards below:

Proven in Programs

Each LeapCard has been designed for and used by strategic programs and successful leaders in more than 30 countries.

The concepts were first published in the book "Unplugged", then as playing cards in the offshore industry and now the very best are available as dynamic postcards - in print and here in digital format as LeapCards.

For a glimpse of the covered content and the more than 7 hours of brief inspirational clips available to you, consider the essential leadership questions that the complete list of LeapCards seeks to answer.

For curated, course-sized topics, consider the bundles or get a personally facilitated development program as part of the complete card collection.

Career Levels & Curated Bundles

The LeapCards have been grouped into the three main career levels of leading self, leading others, and leading business, each with a number of carefully selected bundles of LeapCards.

International programs leverage the LeapCards' bite-sized granularity and offer in-company bundles. Registered learners can find such bundles here.

Students, members of recognized NGOs and all participants in volunteer projects under the BlueBehavior Foundation enroll for free.
Watch Intro Video

Sample video from typical LeapCard

A detail from LeapCard 39 - Great Work from Home.
Typically each LeapCard has 2-3 video details like this.

Often Asked Questions

  • Who are the LeapCard learners?

    You are likely an international, English-speaking leader and/or corporate talent, with a desire to further develop your leadership for and with your team.

    You can and will find the time for the essential summaries and any needed details before taking your development to your team.

    You care and have the generosity to share best practices with other LeapCard learners.

    Last, and with a warm smile, you may be a much welcome alumni from any of the many worldwide in-company programs running on LeapCards since 2007.

  • Why use postcards? And what of the order?

    Postcards work! In onsite programs the visual, bite-sized conclusions allow for a comprehensive yet quick refresher and deliberate prioritization.

    The box of hardcopy, printed leadership postcards has become an appreciated and ongoing inspiration to tackle everyday challenges for leaders around the world.

    The peculiar number sequence evolved over time as the deck of LeapCards has expanded. To ease collaboration across cohorts with aligned references, the numbers remain exactly the same as the original deck of 24 cards that was first used in 2007.

  • Why are the LeapCards free?

    Because this was promised to individual alumni and to strategic B2B clients.

    The free cards and summary videos also make current facilitation easier and more effective with the precise, online references directly available to in-class participants.

    And, of course, if you like the summary you may consider the depth of the full LeapCard with guiding questions, video details, and live exercises.

  • Are there any online classes or meetings?

    Yes. Online classes are an essential part of the in-company B2B projects.

    Open classes are arranged on an ad-hoc basis via the community pages that are freely available to all LeapCard learners.

    Individual meetings are booked here: 'Book One-on-One'

  • Does the LeapCards offer certifications or ECTS credits?

    Yes, for the full effort.

    When you finish the complete deck, i.e. all eight public bundles, your unique and digitally signed certificate will be accompanied by a personal recommendation and career stage readiness report.

    This LeapCards report not only documents your skills and behaviors, but also the appreciation of your efforts by those you lead, creating a robust insight into your courage and true progress as a leader.

    In the past, the conventional equivalent of this certificate has been used for ECTS merit transfers.

  • Do team members need an account to give feedback?

    No, that would be too complicated.

    The LWT sequence is fully doable in less than 90 seconds to fit the closing of almost any leadership engagement.

    When you request feedback for an exercise, you open a 10-minute anonymous window for your team to comment on your efforts.

  • Can I use LeapCards in my own projects?

    Yes. Experienced trainers, facilitators, and corporate academies are welcome to join and leverage the LeapCards at almost any level.

    Affiliates, trainers, coaches, assignment reviewers, training admins, revenue partners, and developers of new cards and bundles.

  • Is localized or corporate content available?

    Yes. Corporate B2B clients have their own private LeapCards, uniquely branded to their programs and only available to their organization.

    Materials include both online bundles and print-on-demand materials such as cards, poster, and learning journal as well as full-blown games like the Bowtie Dialogue Kit.

    All materials and branding are currently available in the online partner shop.

    Shipping outside Europe needs to be arranged individually.

  • Roadmap - planned steps and LeapCards history

    Upcoming features and planned future topics are available for comments and candid feedback in here: LeapCards Roadmap

    A brief history of LeapCards:

    Since the development began in 2018, the LeapCards have been rolled out to match the needs of existing large-scale clients and projects.

    Sept. 2019: Launched in global projects w. build-in, automated buddy exercises, and the first 32 original cards in raw format.

    Dec. 2019: Opened Webshop to allow for ordering and shipping of postcards, boxes, learning journals and study plans; especially for deployment partners and corporate academies.

    Feb. 2020: Arrival of the Coronavirus with full focus on supporting remote leadership and dispersed teamwork. All development halted by the corporate need for a better understanding of virtual rooms and engaging processes.

    June 2020: Release of first full B2C programs with re-recorded and augmented videos from new studio partner.

    World Alumni Tour to share best practices is postponed for a time after Covide when traveling is allowed again.

Watch Intro Video

Live With Team

Display the QR-code and get feedback in 90 seconds.

Team LeapCards

A big thank you to all who have helped and inspired the LeapCards to become the ecosystem it is today. Listed here roughly in the sequence of first engagement and with active co-developers in bold and present LeapCard Professionals in Blue:

Henrik Ricardy Christensen, Jan Hjortshøj, Rune Mai, Katrien Braeckmans, Mikhael Sander Fogh, Simon Boel, Mogens Greve, Stig Møller Carlsen, Niels Birger Ramsing, Lars Bonde, Per Skærbæk Nielsen, Carsten Obels, Merete Stenner, Morten Spindler, Rikke Nørgaard, Tobias Viskum Damgaard, Søren Nørbjerg, Morten Ditmer, Lotte Birkmose, Tomas Lund, Mikala Larsen, Ulrik Bjerre-Christensen, Julian Kirkness, Frank Gaillard, Carsten Jensen, Lisbeth Holberg, Catherine Dumont de Chassart, Belinda Lange, Bart van Hell, Marlieke Ketelars, Frank Houdebert, Luc Limére, Lars Kierulff Munk, Morthen Thorsø Pedersen, Janneke Altorf, Mads Lund, Mathilda Froberg, Henrik Thuesen, Jannie Ilum Gade, Trish Thurley, Stephen Carver, Martin Strunge, Tobias Ramsing, Frida Ramsing, Jacob Duch Lindegaard, Åse Saar, Marisja Verweij, Elisabeth Flüger,  Anna Wawrzyniak, Camilla Dudzinski Nielsen, Valérie Itkin, David Lunken, Julia Nagy, and Marie Venø Thesbjerg. And late Skipper - our office dog, break reminder and once greatest clickbait. And coffee, lots of coffee.