Bundles are curated, course-sized selections of LeapCards with access to added quizzes, video details, and exercises. 

To match specific needs with individual cards, consider the LeapCard Guide and the inspirational leadership questions.

Special Bundles

- Leading Remotely, Leading Internationally, and Leading Safety.

The TRAIL bundle is part of a blended learning program with De Baak in Holland.
The BASIC Safety Walk is offered with Holberg Incident Investigation in Denmark.

Custom Bundles

Curated for special programs, partners and clients in B2B projects.

Clients and partners have custom bundles created for special programs, often with localized LeapCards. Bundles allow for fast and flexible deployments online AND onsite.

To open a custom project you need to be registered as a learner of the particular bundle with specific access privileges to the program's page and included LeapCards.

Please send an e-mail to [email protected] if you are not seeing the bundle/program/project you are looking for.
LeapCards Discovery Kit

Your Leadership
Your Development
Your 8 Week Certification

As a minimum, you'll become familiar with these essential concepts
Drivers - Values - Prioritization - Purpose - Storytelling - Motivation - Listening - Delegation - Conflict - Constraints - Feedback - Body - language - Reactions - Trust - Meetings - Remote - Teamwork - Culture - Stakeholders - Change - Differentiation - Scenarios - Decisions - Balance