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These LeapCards are included in the bundle:

Consider this bundle to

Leverage your product mix to have present stars pay for the future. Discover, collect, and intersect market trends to discover future scenarios. Communicate and test your ideas using the strategy canvas to compare the incomparable. Summarize in the business model canvas and firm up your approach to decisions and dealing with complexities.  

Bundle 08 includes the LeapCards: 43, 45, 46, 84, 76, and 19, helping you to consider the following questions:

  • What do you use to compare market opportunities?
  • How do you identify future opportunities and markets?
  • How do you compare the incomparable across time and markets?
  • How to summarize the business model on a single page?
  • How do you continuously make the best decisions?
  • How do you and those around you make decisions?

Stats and Numbers

  • Duration

    Estimated 3-3½ hours including quizzes, buddy-time, and exercises when you are Live With Team.

  • Keywords

    Portfolio, rising stars, trends, perspectives, scenarios, differentiation, comparisons, business model, decision, framework, biases, pressure

  • Videos

    Total of 19 video clips w. combined playing time of 62 minutes.

  • Card Topics

    Plan your product portfolio
    Discover and work with trends
    Compare the incomparable
    Summarize your business model
    Clarify your decisions process
    Understand decision dynamics

  • Career Level

    Bundle 08 is curated for career level Leading Business

  • Experience

    Recommended for leaders with an equivalent of two years of leadership and business development experience