What Is Your Leadership Challenge?

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Leading Self
Click to open Bundle 01 - Drive

Drive - what fuels your leadership?

  • What is your burning, long-term, meaningful purpose?  => LC35
  • Is your life in a fair balance between work and home?  => LC24
  • Are you explicit about both performance and behavior?  => LC03
  • What are your core values, and how do you express them?  => LC23
  • How often do you reflect on your own life and leadership?  => LC50
Click to open Bundle 02 - Expression

Expression - how do you communicate?

  • How do you introduce yourself and avoid misunderstandings?  => LC34
  • How do you capture your audience with engaging stories?  => LC04
  • How do you fill the space and connect with your audience?  => LC37
  • What may the 4Ms of message, motivation, media, and manner do for you?  => LC77
  • What are the three most important leadership behaviors?  => LC01
Leading Others
Click to open Bundle 03 - Delegation

Delegation - how do you get stuff done?

  • How do you ask, and how well do you listen?  => LC09
  • How do you make important conversations valuable and productive?  => LC13
  • What do you always look for when delegating?  => LC08
  • How do you develop sustainable performance?  => LC41
  • What are the building blocks of strong agreements?  => LC07
Click to open Bundle 04 - Follow-up

Follow-up - when do you intervene or step aside?

  • How do you avoid negative surprises in your projects?  => LC15
  • How do you give and receive impactful feedback?  => LC10
  • How do you seek the feedback needed for your development?  => LC36
  • What are you looking for in body language?  => LC05
  • How aware are you of the systems that run our split-second reactions?  => LC12
  • What is the most important escalation step in a conflict?  => LC11
Click to open Bundle 05 - Teams

Teams - how do you build trust and performance?

  • How do your team members quickly get to know each other?  => LC31
  • How do you develop interdependent high-performance teams?  => LC17
  • What may help teams to break down silo thinking?  => LC73
  • How do you create new opportunities in an ongoing struggle?  => LC22
  • How do you make your meetings more engaging and effective?  => LC20
  • How to prepare for a critical team presentation?  => LC21
Click to open Bundle 06 - Culture

Culture - how do you leverage the differences?

  • Do you respect and stop at the yellow lights in traffic?  => LC60
  • How do you lead and leverage cross-cultural collaboration?  => LC14
  • How do you build trust and act with integrity?  => LC62
  • What comes first, new business or new culture?  => LC67
  • What are the steps towards a strong safety culture?  => LC93
Leading Remote
Click to open Bundle 10 - Distance

Distance - how do you lead remotely?

  • How do you engage and lead from a distance?  => LC38
  • What are the best tips to balance great work from home?  => LC39
  • How do you communicate across time and distance?  => LC06
  • Which new ways of working should your team consider?  => LC74
  • What is the essential where and how of remote leadership?  => LC97
  • How do you prepare and open an important online event?  => LC96
  • Where is remote working headed to?  => LC95

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