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Stats and Numbers

  • Duration

    Estimated 2-2½ hours including quizzes, buddy-time, and exercises when you are Live With Team.

  • Keywords

    Focus, introductions, connection, stories, presence, 4Ms of message, motivation, media, and manner; and the TAO of leadership

  • Videos

    Total of 23 video clips w. combined playing time of 45 minutes.

  • Card Topics

    Open the JoHari Window
    Communication & Storytelling
    Make a Presence and Connect
    Communication’s 4M
    Leadership Essential: TAO

  • Career Level

    Bundle 02 is curated for career level Leading Self

  • Experience

    Recommended for leaders with an equivalent of two years of leadership experience

Consider this bundle to

Focus and strengthen your personal communication - from first introductions to a deep connection with an audience through stories and a strong presence. Bundle 02 also includes the 4Ms of communication and the leadership TAO of three essential skills and behaviors.

Bundle 02 includes the LeapCards: 34, 04, 37, 77, and 01, helping you to consider the following questions:

  • How do you introduce yourself and avoid misunderstandings?
  • How do you capture your audience with engaging stories?
  • How do you fill the space and connect with your audience? 
  • What may communication's 4Ms of message, motivation, media, and manner do for you? 
  • What are the three most important leadership behaviors?

Bundle Content

These LeapCards are included in the bundle: