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Give your thinking a physical outcome and your risks a shared discovery tour. Know which stakeholders take your time and how to get the uninterested to give you time. Accept that change is part of all projects and know with whom and how to spend your time winning nearly everybody over. Plan your negotiations to create strong relations and get the right people in front of their preferred types of complexity.  

Bundle 07 includes the LeapCards: 86, 16, 18, 47, 48, and 71, helping you to consider the following questions:

  • How do you make thinking feel like doing?
  • How do you conduct your project's mandatory risk sessions?
  • How do you engage the critical stakeholders? 
  • How do you influence change? And with whom?
  • How carefully do you plan your negotiation cycles?
  • How do you lead complexity?

Stats and Numbers

  • Duration

    Estimated 2½-3 hours including quizzes, buddy-time, and exercises when you are Live With Team.

  • Keywords

    Planning, visualizing, risk, mitigation, stakeholders, influence, motivation, change, skill/will, negotiations, relations, complexity.

  • Videos

    Total of 15 video clips w. combined playing time of 53 minutes.

  • Card Topics

    Mindmapping to capture thoughts
    Share risk identification and mitigation
    Invest in your stakeholders
    Combine influences to overcome change
    Plan your negotiations and their relations
    Match complexity with right approaches

  • Career Level

    Bundle 07 is curated for career level Leading Business

  • Experience

    Recommended for leaders with an equivalent of two years of leadership and project experience