LeapCards leveraged in TRAIL

TRAIL is a 2-module/4-day onsite, open program that strengthens essential leadership behaviors, making international leaders worth following. TRAIL is offered by De Baak out of Holland and leverages the following LeapCards, listed in order of appearance:

Additional Information

More information on De Baak International's Open Program Page here: TRAIL

Lead Facilitator

International Facilitator Ulrik Ramsing

I firmly believe in making the world a better place, one leader at a time.

To achieve this, I guide leaders and organizations towards a greater purpose and productivity. Worldwide, onsite and online.

In everything I do as a facilitator, I focus on leaders DOING leadership. Our time together must allow for new ideas to be experienced through dialogue, visualizations, constellations, and exercises. Whatever it takes to translate a realization into a genuine attempt at a new behavior, not just in class but everywhere you invite people to follow you.

In working with both talents and experienced executives, I respectfully seek to approach each opportunity with creativity, courage, candor, and care.

Come to class open-minded and big-hearted, and I will help you benefit from sharing meaningful experiences and aha!-moments - even as this may happen along very unusual learning paths.

Please see the latest details on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ramsing/